7 Ideas for Zero Waste Recycled Planters

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE being able to have your own garden. Fruit, veggies, and herbs sprout from every nook and cranny. I have planters in my kitchen, around the house, and outside! Once you start planting, it can really grab you in a vice grip of Greenish obsession. When seeds or small sprouts become full grown plants, it feels absolutely amazing. Not to mention that having your own garden means less things you need to buy! Besides, making your own Zero Waste Recycled planters can be a lot of fun.

When I talk to folks about herb gardens, a lot of the time planters end up being a bigger issue than actually growing the plants! It’s really funny to me, especially when there are so many easy ways to create a big variety of planters with things we have at home.

Down below are some of my favourite planter ideas – I even use a few! Don’t forget to stop by the original creators, and give them kudos for their work. And if you have any ideas, drop them down in the comments, or send me photos. And love to share your ideas!

Zero Waste Recycled Planters Ideas

1. Upside Down Hanging Planters – Recycled Soda Bottles

The concept behind the upside down planters is actually a very interesting one. The whole idea is to keep them off the ground and away from pests. Even though they’re upside down, the plants will still be growing towards the sunlight. And, as a little extra bonus, the water flows downward to the plant, but also onto the plant. It let’s the little green guy get extra moisture and nutrients on its leaves.

It’s also easy to move around if you have weather problems, or just want to find a better spot for your plants. There’s a great step by step instruction guide on how to make these on Instructables. If you do make hanging planters, do send me photos to see what they look like!

2. Small Seedling and Herb Planters – Yogurt Cups

Most of us know this trick by now, or you might have seen me mention it in What’s My Trash. Honestly, though, if you love these easy to use, snack size yogurt cups, this is a great way to re-purpose and recycle them.

They’re really good for smaller herbs, or seedlings that need to grow a bit bigger before being moved to larger planters. Then, rinse out our yogurt planter, and it’s ready for the next collection of seedlings! Because they also fit together so neatly, they’re perfect if you like to keep things… a little more organized.

3. Self-watering Planters – Recycled Glass or Soda Bottles

This is one of my absolute favourites. To begin with, they incredibly functional, especially for those of us who might have a habit of over- or underwatering our plants. But they’re also beautiful, and look really stylish no matter where you put them.

You can also play around with the design a bit. I’ve seen really beautiful variations that include decorate stone layers with succulents and hardier plants. Have fun with your creativity!

4. Mounted Wall Planters – Recycled Mason Jars

This one is really beautiful to me, but it’s a little on the trickier side. That’s mainly because you might actually need a few things to do this that you don’t have at home. The wooden plank mounting, for one, as well as screws, and the fastenings to keep the jars held tight.

Even so, if you have the things you need, this is a really nice addition to your collection. And if you don’t have what you need to create a mounted planter, just use the jars as they are, and stack them around! You can even paint the sides if you want to get really creative.

5. Easy Mounted Jug Planters – Recycled Milk Jugs

If you liked the idea of the mounted mason jars, but you want something a bit easier, this one could work for you! It’s so simple, it’s almost unbelievable. All you need are your milk jugs, with a portion of the top and front cut off – but you keep the handle intact. You can put a plank or piece of wood through the handles, a pipe, or anything else that will be able to support your jug planters. After that, attach or hang them anywhere. Easy as cake!

6. Mini Cardboard Planters – Recycled Toilet Rolls

I’ll be honest with you – cutting out toilet paper is something I haven’t managed to do yet. I know that a lot of zero waste bloggers recommend installing a bidet in your bathroom – and, eventually, I’d like to do that. But, for now, I have to deal with the rolls of doom! And with a full house, you can bet that we end up with several rolls a month. Luckily, they fulfil a lot of purposes. They’re great toys for the rabbits (and kids, oddly enough). But they also make surprisingly quick and easy DIY planters! Simply cut the bottom so that you can fold it into a little box shape, fill it up, and off you go!

7. Cups of Plants – Old Tea and Coffee Cups

I’ve known a lot of people who would throw their cups away at the very first sign of a chip or crack. Instead of repairing the cups, they would toss out the entire set, and get a new one. Aside from being incredibly wasteful, there are so many other things you can do with old cups! Sell them, for one, or give them away if you don’t think anyone would buy them. Your trash might be someone else’s treasure. But for the purposes of this particular post, I want to propose this idea:

Use them as planters! The different colours and designs of cups make for really beautiful planters. Not to mention, it has a very special aesthetic to it. Definitely something to try out the next time one of your cups gets a ding!

There are a lot of other ideas, including using coffee tins, eggs and egg cartons, and more! You can really get creative when it comes to building your garden.

Do you have any DIY planters that you use at home? I’d love to see pictures of your zero waste recycled planters, so feel free to send me your stories and ideas!

You can also follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Until next time…happy Greenish living!

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