Climate Change And How It Affects You

The biggest challenge the world faces today is climate change and how it affects you. It knows no borders and, in order for us to fight it, all countries across the globe should work together to come up with a coordinated solution to solve the problem. To some people climate change is a series of myths, and many people don’t know what it amounts to.

Deliberate misinformation and unreliable sources are two of the reasons people think climate change is nothing but a joke and myth. According to science, climate change is very real, and I would like to tackle the subject discussing the causes of climate change and how to find a solution.

Climate Change and Global Warming

Before we begin, I would just like to clarify two concepts often mistaken for synonyms. I’m talking about climate change and global warming. It is important to know that there is a difference between them. It’s worth knowing that it is global warming that causes climate change. What this means is, as the planet’s temperature rises more than it would naturally which cause the climate variations.

Studies have found that during other eras the earth has naturally warmed up and got cooler. Back then the cycles were much slower taking millions of years. In today’s modern age we are reaching levels that brought about extinctions in the past, and we did that in 200 years!

Causes And Consequences Of Climate Change

As I mentioned global warming is the main cause of climate change. Global warming has many negative consequences on physical, biological and human systems as well as other effects.

Causes Of Climate Change

The greenhouse effect; when it works correctly, it’s the natural process by which the atmosphere retains some of the sun’s heat and allows the earth to maintain the necessary conditions to sustain life. But now the industrial age kicked it into overdrive. It’s also worth noting that without the greenhouse effect the average temperature on our planet would be -180˚C. “Brrrrrrrrrrr…”

Our daily human activities maximize the greenhouse effect and in doing so, causing the planet’s temperature to increase even more.

Causes Behind Global Warming

  • Increase of greenhouse gasses
  • Deforestation
  • Destruction of marine Eco-systems
  • Population increase

When Did We First Begin To Cause Climate Change?

According to experts the Industrial Revolution, a new model of production and consumption was born out of small revolutions that combined agricultural, technological, demographic, transport and finance. This is when it all started, when emissions of greenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere began to soar.

What came next was the population growth and has caused exploding resource use, increasing energy demand which results the planet to enter what the scientific community have termed the Anthropocene period. Basically, it means a new geological era characterized by human impact on Earth. The current Earth population is over 7.5 billion, to think 300 years ago (1750’s) there were fewer than 800 million on Earth.

The biggest problem we face today is the increase in the global temperature of the planet. Although experts estimate that, by the end of the Century the temperature could rise by 2.7˚C even if we are able to fulfill commitments to reduce emissions. That is a scary thought!

Consequences Of Climate Change

Increasing Earth temperatures could bring disastrous consequences which will endanger the survival of Earth’s fauna and flora, this includes us as humans to. The ice mass melting at the poles causes ocean levels to rise in turn causes flooding and threatening coastal environments. In some cases, small island states are at risk of disappearing entirely.

It is scary to know the impact climate change has made on Earth this bad. Climate change has gotten to a point where the appearance of more violent weather phenomena, fires, death of animal and plant species, drought and severe flooding from rivers and lakes.

Observed And Expected Environmental Effects

  • Change in eco-systems and desertification
  • Rising sea level and melting of the north and south poles
  • Acidification of the oceans
  • Extreme weather phenomena
  • Extinction of species
  • Massive Migrations

How Can We Avoid Climate Change?

It’s important to mention and be clear that climate change cannot be avoided. We can adapt to the consequences and mitigate its effects. In other words, we can fight it through the application of small and large-scale measures that help to slow down the threat of climate change. These measures or actions are known as mitigation and adaptation measures.

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Until next time. Stay Greenish!

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