DIY Laundry Soap

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. The weekend is almost here, and I know for some that usually means laundry. Now I’m sure you will agree that doing laundry now a days can be quite expensive, and everyone tries to save as much as they can. So, to help you save some money I have decided to share my own DIY laundry soap recipe with you.

With the world basically on lockdown, we need entertainment wherever we can get it, don’t we? The video related to this post was made before the lockdown, but I hope you still find it relevant!

Ingredients you will need to make your DIY Laundry Soap

  • Citric acid
  • Bicarbonate of Soda
  • Washing soda
  • Soap bar (Any Soap Bar)

Tip: Start off by grating the bar of soap. It can take quite a while. If the soap bar is a little soft to grate, put it in the fridge as it grates much easier when it’s cold.

How much should I use of each ingredient?

  • 1 Cup Citric acid
  • 2 Cups Bicarbonate of soda
  • 4 Cups Washing Soda
  • As for the soap bar… I’m not really sure. I just go with what feels right!

Now some of you might be wondering why I’m not using borax. The reason for that is that borax actually kills insects. And for me, being a minimal waste enthusiast and gardener, I like use my laundry water to irrigate my garden. So, naturally, I don’t want to kill the good insects in my garden.

As for the bar of soap, you can use any soap bar that you like. I guess the best option would be a castile soap bar, but you can also use the green Sunlight soap bar. Everyone in South Africa knows it all too well.


Once you are done grating the soap (eventually), combine all the ingredients in a container or jar of your choice.

That’s it! As simple as that.

A great DIY laundry soap that is easy to make, cost effective and safe for the environment.

I hope that you found this article helpful and please I would love to hear your feedback.  Also, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube channel to view more awesome DIY recipes, reviews and news about low Waste living!

Thank you so much for reading. And as always:

Happy Greenish Living!

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