Review: Hemporium Soap Bars

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. And if you aren’t, never fear the weekend is near! You might recall a couple weeks ago I wrote a review article for Hemporium products. So, with a heavy heart, today will be the last review on Hemporium products and what better way than leaving the best for last. My review of Hemporium Soap Bars.

These soaps are amazing for your skin and you can read more on their website www.hemporium.co.za.

The Review

Now I could tell you that it smells nice, it’s made from hemp oil, I can tell you all those things, but you can just check out some previous review videos here.

What I actually want to tell you is that I am very impressed with Hemporium soap bars. Let’s face it, all of these new natural soaps are very soft. Here’s the thing, when I started out looking for soap bars that are natural or maybe handmade or artisanal soap bars. Point is I experimented with all of them.

One thing that I noticed is that, because they are soft, they don’t really last that long. As weird as this might sound but, I remember the first purchase I made I asked the lady behind the counter: How long is this soap bar going to last? And she told me one month. Awesome!

Now maybe I’m using soap wrong, but the soap bar lasted two weeks! I was very disappointed. Only after that experience I realized that all these soft natural soap bars, it’s kind of what they do. Which is a massive deal considering how much some of these soaps’ cost.

Hemporium soap bars to the rescue

It’s worth mentioning that all but one of Hemporium’s soap bars are vegan. Which is great! And what’s even more surprizing is that they actually last a whole month! So, I was very impressed by this and at only R35 for one soap bar, it’s great value for money as well! If you have been shopping around for different kinds of soap bars whether it’s handmade, artisanal you know that they can be quite expensive and R35 for a soap bar is a huge bargain.

That’s it for this review. Thank you so much for reading. If you are interested in Hemporium products visit their website www.hemporium.co.za. Fantastic website, fantastic soap and all round fantastic products.

As always.

Happy Greenish Living!

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