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Muslin shopping bag
Whether you're buying from the store, or need to store fresh goodies at hope, opt for a cotton shopping bag instead of plastic.
Natural Shower Loofah
Chuck out that synthetic loofah! It’s time to go old school. Naturally anti-bacterial and beautifully soft, your loofah will last much longer than you think.
natural dish scourer cleaner
Wash your dishes with a natural, reusable dish scourer that will last you so much longer than your ordinary dish washcloth, and do far less...
Supa Wraps Beeswax Wraps
Put away the cling wrap!  Cover your leftovers, half an avocado, school sandwiches, a block of cheese or whatever with a beeswax wrap.  Wipe clean...
Tip Toe Totes Mesh Shopping Bag
Keep them in your car to buy fresh fruit and veggies at the store, instead of using the single-use plastic bags provided at the store!...
Stainless Steel straws
Including brush cleaner and handy dandy cotton carry pouch.  Carry it with you for lunches out of the office, or over weekends to a braai;...
Simply Bamboo natural toothbrush
Naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable. The soft bristles of the toothbrushes are coated in activated charcoal for a gentle, yet plaque punching brush.
starter create toothbrush and straw
Interested in starting your journey to a greener lifestyle, but not sure about what to get? By popular demand, we present the Greenish Starter Crate!...
Kitchen Crate
Begin your journey to sustainable living with everything you need in the kitchen – including a reusable straw, beeswax wraps, natural shopping bags, and more!...
Bathroom Crate
Begin your journey to sustainable living with everything you need in the bathroom - including an all natural toothbrush and loofah! Includes: 1 x Bamboo...

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