Greenish Bathroom Crate

Begin your journey to sustainable living with everything you need in the bathroom – including an all natural toothbrush and loofah!


1 x Bamboo Toothbrush
1 x 100% Cotton Yarn Greenish Shower Loofah




1 x Bamboo Toothbrush

MOSO Bamboo is a sustainable alternative that grows at approximately 1m per day. This variety is also not eaten by pandas and as such does not impact their food security. Naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable. The soft bristles are coated in activated charcoal for a gentle, yet plaque punching brush. When it’s time for your toothbrush to retire, pull out the bristles and chuck the handle in the composter.

1 x 100% Cotton Yarn Greenish Shower Loofah

Chuck out that synthetic loofah! It’s time to go old school. Naturally anti-bacterial and beautifully soft, your crochet loofahwill last much longer than you think. When dirty, wash it like you would a towel.


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