Why People Don’t Believe in Climate Change

After the events of last month, and the United Nations Climate Action Summit, I started to get a lot more curious about Climate Change. More specifically, I’ve been wondering why people don’t believe in climate change, despite all the science that seems to prove that it is, in fact, very real. I was surprised at what I discovered. While a lot of it seems to come down to ignorance, there are a few other reasons why people seem completely blind to the way our environment is changing.

Reasons Why People Don’t Believe in Climate Change

Their Experiences

A lot of people seem to deny climate change because of their own experiences. A lot of people point out that their weather and environment hasn’t changed in any majorly noticeable way at all. They still have snow or ice in winter, or they still have hot and humid summers. Because the weather they’re familiar with still stays largely the same, they decide that climate change must be a hoax. If their seasons and environment don’t change, then it can’t be real.

Climate Change supporters, however, point out that seasons have changed. Not only are storms more common, but in many countries, winters are either longer or shorter, hotter or cooler (depending on the country where you live). The same applies to summers. But as long as people continue to believe that the changes in their individual areas are negligible, they’ll keep denying climate change.

Lack of Proof or Evidence

This is one of the reasons that President Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. According to him, he does not believe in climate change because he can’t see the evidence (even though there is a LOT of it, provided by credible scientists). Though there is evidence out there, those who deny climate change exists refuse to look at that evidence. There are claims that any evidence that proves it exists is a type of fake science done by those who want to change public opinions.

It’s a vicious to-and-fro. Anti-climate change supporters claim that the science is fake, while climate change supporters claim that anti-groups get support from large corporations and conglomerates to try and negate the science or make it less credible. Which leads to…

Distrust of Science

A small number of people in the world today do not believe that climate change exists, because they do not believe in science. These people include those in fringe religious groups and sects that believe God made everyone and everything on the planet. Don’t misunderstand – I’m not saying that religion isn’t valid. But because religion dictates that a higher power is in control, that must mean that climate change can’t be real. Many of those who deny climate change exists also deny evolution and refuse to rely on some of the scientific breakthroughs that occurred in the recent past. These people represent just a small percentage of climate change deniers though.

There’s No Definitive Known Cause

Some people say that climate change is a hoax, because scientists can’t agree on the cause. There is evidence that our actions have accelerated climate change, there are also studies that say this isn’t true. Some even claim that global warming doesn’t exist anymore because the global temperature is ‘stable’. Others claim that the planet is actually cooling. Interestingly, there are even those who believe that climate change and global warming is a naturally recurring phenomenon, and that we should learn to adapt to it, rather than trying to stop it from happening. The point is, until scientists can actually find a cause for climate change, many people will continue to deny that it exists.

In the end, no one can decide for you if you believe in climate change or not. You can accept the science or deny it. You can believe it’s caused by humans, or that it’s part of the earth’s natural cycle. But the fact is that the world is changing, and the science supports that claim.

What do you believe? I’d love to know!

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Until next time, stay Greenish!

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