Zero Waste Products I Don’t Buy

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having an epic week. If not, never fear the weekend is near! For this article I have decided to show you how a zero waste lifestyle is not a one size fits all type of lifestyle. So, I am going to share with you the zero waste products I don’t buy even though I consider myself as a zero waste enthusiast.

Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Before I started and knew anything about zero waste, I was already packing my own lunches. In TUPPERWARE! And who does not own any Tupperware? To me, getting rid of all the Tupperware just to get some stainless steel lunchboxes seems to be wasteful. So, it’s a big no for me. Why waste unnecessary money on zero waste products if you already have what you need?

Glass Jars

I’ve noticed that people have this idea that if you want to be a zero waster you need to buy a bunch of glass jars for everything. Why go out and spend money when you can just use a mayonnaise jar or peanut butter jar. If you don’t have any glass containers but have plastic containers use them. They will work just as well.

Silicone Bags (Stasher Bags)

Now this might be a bit weird, but you all know that I own Stasher Bags. Here’s the weird part, I still use Ziplock bags, and for one very specific reason. I like to meal prep once a week. One of the things that I do is, I take portions of fresh fruit and berries that I get ready and freeze them for my smoothies in the morning. Once I used the fruit and berries I just wash out the bag and reuse it.

Re-useable Coffee Cup

I’m the type of girl who likes to drink coffee at home or at work. I’m sure most of you reading this feel the same. I don’t really get take away coffee to take with me while I’m on the road or out shopping. It’s just not my style. But, if you are the type of person that loves to get take away coffee on a regular basis, go ahead! Nothing wrong with that. Get yourself a re-usable coffee cup. My point I’m trying to make is: Buy the things that support your lifestyle don’t just get it because it’s fashionable or trendy. Get it because it works for you.

Anything Usable

The last thing I want to talk about is a very broad spectrum. By that I mean anything that is still usable. As many of you know by now, I don’t replace things if they are still in working order even though it’s made from plastic. Replacing things, you already own is not very wise. Especially if it is something new just because it’s made from a sustainable material even though it’s still in a workable condition. That is not considered as zero waste because you have just created waste.
So, I won’t replace my usable products even though it’s made from plastic, and neither should you.

Buy only what you need

Remember that the way we make a difference, is the way we spend our money. Zero waste or plastic free or minimalism or even veganism. With any of these lifestyles, the way you make a difference is you vote with your money. If you already own something, it’s not going to create a new demand for that item if you throw it out to replace it. Why? You’ve already bought it. You’ve already created a demand for it. The only way to change that is to make sure that your next purchase is a better purchase.

My point is. If you have something use it, re-use it, re-purpose it. But what ever you do, don’t just throw it out. If it gets to the point where you can’t stand to have it in your home anymore, donate it or gift it to someone who would benefit from it. Just don’t throw it away.

I would love to hear if you have any zero waste products you don’t buy. Please leave me a comment. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for any news about low waste and zero waste. Like and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more.

Thank you for reading! And as always.

Happy Greenish Living!

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